This is a review of Apple and Rain by Sarah Crossan. I have to disclose that I did not read her first work entitled The Weight of Water, but I swear that it is now on my TBR list now that I have finished Apple and Rain. What a little gem!
We meet Apple, a girl on the cusp of her own self-discovery, ever so slightly smothered by her adoring, pecking grandmother, under whose rule she lives.
Apple’s mother is not on the scene, and hasn’t been for some time. There are some wrenching scenes of I-wish-my-mother-was-around” though they are written as though these are new thoughts, they ring old and true, which I liked.
As the plot moves gently along, you become as resigned as Apple does in her mundane, yet adorned life, thinking that nothing will ever change until it, quite explicably, does.


Apple’s mother shows up, looking like a two day old cigarette and Apple is in raptures. The grandmother, needless to say is not.
There are some delicious characteristics written here but I don’t want to ruin anything on future readers, this is a moving book and sweeter to read than eating a bowl of sugar. I recommend it to readers of any age really,  as there isn’t much in it that is too unsuitable for younger readers.
Lisa C