Ok so I know that this blog has been a bit quiet of late, but for me at least, having two jobs and dancing too gives me precisely six hours per twenty four to sleep and eat. I had to make survival choices….dammit!

However, I am currently fed and (kinda) well-rested, so I thought that I would write a quick review of my most recently read book. As you all know, I predominantly read in the YA realism genre but have been known to stray off the beaten track once in a while.

I finished Anatomy of a Misfit in about two days, which surprised me because I spent most of the first few chapters frowning at the tone and voice of the main character Anika. It irked me that she was referring to (rather) grown up stuff (like the fact that one of her best friends is a slut and sleeps around) yet her tone and her voice were seemingly at odds with her age.

It felt like I was reading t18340210he voice of a 12 or 13 year old girl, when in reality, Anika is more like 15. So I was intrigued-annoyed-irked by the author’s seemingly blatant disloyalty to the character’s age and interests.


The plot thickens. See, Andrea Portes is one smart mo-fo. Not only did she trick me into believing that all was sweetness and light, selling her character as an innocent and almost Judy-Blume-esque kinda flower girl something something, she did it very well.

Which is why the ending literally made me do a double..nay, triple-take. Andrea, WHY???

Turns out she was dealing with dark and VERY real teenage and family issues the WHOLE TIME and I was sleepily reading a lovely character much akin in tone to Lauren Child’s Ruby Redfort or Clarice bean with extra sass, until the shizzle hit the fan.

I literally felt like standing up and applauding because it is such a clever writing device to use. She lures the reader in with the safety of an almost predictable character and then BOOM, you’re dead.

Anika, the main character often describes herself as being a bit candy covered and popular in school, but on the inside she is spider-stew. Well, Andrea Portes, YOU are the spider, and I was indeed lured in, so I guess I’ve been eaten by this book. Kudos!

I would definitely read anything this author publishes. If I can survive the heart-wrenching content of Anatomy of a Misfit, I’d like to think I can survive some more…

Lisa C….. out!